Linda "iLastya" Keller

About me
Full name:  Linda Keller
Nik: iLastya / Liinayh
Born: 1991 
Higth: 155 cm
Shoesize: 36 (eu) 
I'm natural blond but I dye my hair now in dark purple
Eyecolor: Blue
Relationship: Living with my boyfriend
Pet: I have two male cats named Kitt and Kurama. 
Favorite drink: Caffe latte
Favorite food: Chinese/Tai/Japanese -food 
Favorite movie: Shane Acker´s 9
Favorite Book: Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi
World of warcraft
Started Playing: Summer 2009
Server:  Bloodhoof EU
First Char:
Rouge  >Armory<
Main atm: Hunter >Armory<
Battle Tag: ilastya#2278
PvP,RP or PvE: PvE
Favorite zone: Mount Hyjal
Favorite city: Dalaran
Favorite instance: Maw of Souls 
Favorite event: Love is in the air
Favorite Darkmoon game: Firebird's Challenge
Favorite expansion:  Leigon 
Least favorite expansion: WoD